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Working Block

Blacksmith Shop circa 1893

Historical Significance

The Blacksmith Shop was originally located in Fleahop in Elmore County. On March 24, 1893, Daniel Webster Boatwright opened this Blacksmith Shop and allowed his brother, a carpenter, to use the platform at the back to work on wagons and buggies. A blacksmith was a very important person in the 1800s as he made and repaired a large variety of necessities including nails, horseshoes, barrel hoops, rims for wheels, tools, and utensils. While larger farms and plantations had their own resident “smithy”, smaller operations and individuals depended upon independent blacksmiths like the Boatwrights for a variety of needs. The Boatwright family operated this shop until the 1940s. Much of the equipment on exhibit is original to the Boatwright operation.

Architectural Significance

The building was donated to Landmarks Foundation in 1994 for restoration. Before being dismantled in Fleahop, the Blacksmith Shop was documented with photographs and drawings. It was then dismantled, transported to Old Alabama Town and reassembled on site. Much of the stone of the forge also came from Elmore County.