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Along the Street

Gallagher House
428 East Jefferson circa 1882 , NOT ON TOUR

Historical Significance

Businessman James Gallagher built this house for his family in 1882. His widow left it to their daughter, Mary, a schoolteacher who lived in the house until her death in 1969. Originally located at 114 North Hull Street which is two blocks to the south, the house represents a period of returning prosperity after the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Architectural Significance

A two-story clapboard structure with paired cornice brackets, it retains Italianate characteristics that were once prevalent in this area. Landmarks Foundation purchased the house in 1972 and sold it to an architect, Arthur Joe Grant, who restored and leased it for offices until 1999 when he decided to sell the property for commercial development, stipulating in the sale that the house was to be moved to Old Alabama Town. The new owners of the land, Maxwell Federal Credit Union, contributed to the cost of moving the house in November 1999. Restored, the Gallagher House serves as leased commercial property.