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Along the Street

Rescued Relics
423 Madison Avenue Open Tuesday-Thursday, 10:00-12:00

Landmarks operates Rescued Relics, a not-for-profit salvage business located in the 1920s Wilbanks Warehouse. Rescued Relics offers many historic architectural elements and materials from a variety of building styles and time periods to those who are working on other renovation projects around Montgomery and the central Alabama region. New homebuilders are interested in finding that unique pre-loved architectural element that will be a signature on their new home. This unique recycling effort also frees up much space in our increasingly overcrowded municipal landfill. Rescued Relics' inventory includes (but is definitely not limited to) assorted sink styles, doors, lighting fixtures, mantels, window sashes, balustrades and many other fun items that will tickle our shoppers’ creativity!

Rescued Relics also accepts pre-1960s building materials and elements from other home renovators, contractors and remodelers with tax-donations available to the extent of the law. All funds raised are used to restore and maintain the historic structures at Old Alabama Town.

Rescued Relics hours of operation are Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00 until 12:00. Volunteers are always needed so please call 334.240.4512 for more information.