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Working Block

Clanton Kitchen circa 1872

Historical Significance

This building bears the name of General James Holt Clanton, a local Civil War hero, resuming his law practice at the end of the war. In 1871, while trying a railroad case for the State of Alabama, he received a fatal wound on the street delivered by a man with whom he had argued in court. The people of Alabama, in honor and memory of his services, raised money to build a home for his widow and children on South Hull Street in 1872.

Architectural Significance

Clanton Kitchen is a saddlebag structure featuring two rooms side-by-side that share a central chimney but have separate entry doors. This type of structure was a fairly common style of outbuilding in 19th century central Alabama. This building housed the kitchen and dining room and connected to the main house by a covered walkway. When the main Clanton Cottage was moved to the Cottage Hill neighborhood, Landmarks Foundation brought the Kitchen to Old Alabama Town for restoration. Today, Clanton Kitchen houses a working craftsperson.